Sunday, April 10, 2011

So yesterday my 5 year old tells me "Go sit on the steps mom. Close your eyes, and hold out your hands, and I have a surprise for you!"

Trusting soul that I am, I go and sit on the steps, close my eyes and put my hands out. And wait. And wait some more. Then I start calling his name. No response. I finally get up and start looking for him, assuming he simply forgot to come back. Oh no, not Machiavelli Jr.

I say, "Declan, I've been waiting in the other room for my surprise. Did you forget?" Guilty look on his face; "No mom, I had to tell you that cause I knew you'd say no to the juice box".

He not only came up with a plan to get me out of the room, but with my eyes closed, waiting for him. There's one born every minute, apparently.