Saturday, October 17, 2009

At the beginning of every school year I get a new set of Sharpie markers and label everything that goes to school with my kids. By now, all those labels are already wearing off. Gone from the water bottles, and almost gone from the lunch boxes. And very faded in the jackets. So what's going on with Sharpies, you may wonder. Has the quality of Sharpies gone way downhill? Well. Fear not. Let me tell you. Sharpie marker is absolutely indelible when written on a car. Silver OR white.

Side note: when your son tells you he is going outside to decorate his pumpkin you should probably be a little suspicious.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today I asked Collin what he wanted for lunch.

"A baloney sandwich" he tells me.

"With no bread on top. And no bread on the bottom."

"I need six of them, mommy." (holding up 3 fingers)

So yes, yes I did feed my child three slices of boloney for lunch. It went nicely with the donut, thank you very much.